She brings out the best in others. Makes others feel special and doesn’t shut anyone out; makes everyone feel important and doesn’t treat you like you’re stupid. She can bring anyone out of their gloomy mood and spread a smile across your face.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was my little sister and I adore her to pieces! I see myself as crazy and weird, but then again, aren’t we all in the slightest? I have big ideas, big dreams, and am generally a friendly person. Okay, I’m mean to my friends, but that’s called tough love!  The more you get to know me, the more I learn about myself. Feel free to ask away. I find that I have many similar interests to almost everyone I know. I like to try everything at least once. After all, experience makes us wiser, right?

My hobbies include reading getting lost inside worlds that stories create, eating sweets (I’ll need dentures when I’m old), baltering, writing, dreaming, meeting new people, and being a couch potato. Naps are my best friend when I manage to find time for them.

I am infatuated with culture and language (I have major wanderlust), am an Aquarius to a fault with some influence from other signs, a nelipot, and eccentric. My aspirations include publishing a book, being in a movie at least once in my life if I can’t make a career out of it, getting some formal dance lessons, and making a difference no matter how small. I want to know I did something good in someone’s life.

You’ve managed to stumble upon my blog, so welcome to my world. This is a dumping ground for my works, I do hope you enjoy.

I’ll hopefully try to upload something every month. Sorry in advance! I’m a procrastinator and I like to look for excuses!


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