Fall of the Mighty


*Work In Progress: Rough Draft*

I see you looking out at the crowd, a faceless sea of darken blobs. Gods among humans. Eyes tired, but alive. We drain you, but we are your drive. On a whole other platform of existence where we can only dream and never touch and I feel sorry for you, but I admire the strength of your character. This is what you love, but we humans are so demanding, so needy, so greedy. Want, want, want; more, more, more; always asking and not taking into consideration that even gods can exhaust their worth. They too are alive, breathing as we, and so we must not worship but honor. Because all gods fall one day, even the mightiest have a breaking point, so it’s only a matter of time. Even the sky brought Atlas to his knees.

And our proclamations are just empty words. Love. We don’t know you. We know of you and about the image because in order to know, we must have an understanding. It’s the idea and concept of you that have captured and catapulted you above us. I am thankful for what you offer.

I refuse to bow, though. Not out of dislike but out of respect. I will not grovel and put you on the pedal-stool. I will not weigh your shoulders down with the infatuation of yourselves. To demand from you without giving is wrong. I acknowledge the sacrifices made for us humans and know that you deserve so much more in return from all the taking we have done. Stars burnout and the earth crumbles under harsh conditions. To watch you cave under the pressure is to watch you die. I refuse to witness this. I will not be a human as they are.

Giants can fall down to David and humans can bring down gods. You can cease to exist if the fate befalls you, but alive I will keep you. Idolize I will not, because you were once a mere mortal. With that thought, I will treat you.


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