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23 Earnest, Totally Legitimate Pieces Of Advice For College Students


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1. Get a real email address. Even if you don’t plan on going corporate when you graduate, trust that your high school moniker does not translate into the real world. No one wants to hire, date, or bang

2. And while you’re at it, make sure it’s a Gmail account? Maybe y’all know this already, but AIM basically doesn’t exist after college. Gchat or bust.

3. Do not miss out on huge opportunities (like living in another country for a little more than your regular tuition, if that) because you’re afraid or because you don’t want to miss out on what’s happening on campus. Campus will be there when you get back, and leaving the country will never be easier or cheaper.

4. Understand your finances. Like, go to the financial aid office and figure out what moves you need to make (if any) to get on the…

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8 Alternatives To College


Live life, don’t drown

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When I was 19, I won some money in a chess tournament. So instead of using that money for my college tuition I decided to drop out of college and buy a car. I bought a used 1982 Honda Accord. I drove it around for a few hours, since they let me drive it right out of the lot. But when I saw my girlfriend and everyone else taking their classes, I got a little jealous. I returned the car and cancelled the check and entered my sophomore year of college. But I regret it now.

Whenever I suggest “Don’t send your kids to college,” a lot of very smart people invariably respond: “Well, what else should they do?” And this amazes me. I guess it’s really hard to figure out what people aged 18-23 should do during the most vibrant, healthy years of their lives when they grow from…

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The 8 Types Of Good Days You Can Have


And I’ve pretty much had all these types of days

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1. The Something Bad Happened To Someone You Don’t Like Day

It’s not so much that good found its way to your front door, as it is bad kicked down the walls of your nemesis or an individual you aren’t fond of. I know, it’s awful. We’re awful. Still, it happens. Jacob Hall, who embarrassed me in front of my 8th grade crush, Janice Ward broke his leg? Ha! Karma is a bitch, dude. Then, for the rest of the day you’ve got a smirk and a pocket full of sunshine because that enemy isn’t having the best luck. Look, we all know we shouldn’t find pleasure in another person’s struggles, but that was Janice Ward, so enjoy 6-8 weeks on crutches Jacob.

2. The “I Give No Fucks” Day

At some point you decided that being emotionally invested in that day wasn’t worth it, and now you just…

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