8 Alternatives To College


Live life, don’t drown

Thought Catalog

When I was 19, I won some money in a chess tournament. So instead of using that money for my college tuition I decided to drop out of college and buy a car. I bought a used 1982 Honda Accord. I drove it around for a few hours, since they let me drive it right out of the lot. But when I saw my girlfriend and everyone else taking their classes, I got a little jealous. I returned the car and cancelled the check and entered my sophomore year of college. But I regret it now.

Whenever I suggest “Don’t send your kids to college,” a lot of very smart people invariably respond: “Well, what else should they do?” And this amazes me. I guess it’s really hard to figure out what people aged 18-23 should do during the most vibrant, healthy years of their lives when they grow from…

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