My Demise


This is a poem I found when I first started writing poetry. It’s actually one of the first ones I’ve ever submitted and received the Editor’s Choice Award back in July of 2006 from It made me a semi-finalist in their International  Open Poetry Contest and was published in Immortal Verses. Or so they say. 

My Demise

Fall into the abyss
Where your soul is to be taken and not missed
Drown in the darkness
Where you won’t be seen
Die in the flames of eternity
Forever in peace is where I won’t be
Just seeing myself like this . . .
This isn’t me
Burn in your eyes, burn into the flames that will eat me
Taking my soul, taking my life
No one ever suspected, that I would be the one to die
Die from their secret cries and lies
I’ll throw away everything I’ve worked for
Cause I know it’ll all be gone . . .
It’ll all disappear like me
My dreams will be shattered, my heart will be scattered
I will not die,
Let me burn by the look in your eyes
Don’t let me cry, just because I’ll die


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