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Dreaming On Butterfly Wings


This is an unfinished ramble, but then, aren’t most rambles just unfinished thoughts?

What to do to a dream deferred?
Or, when opportunity is more persistent than Roger from Sister, Sister was and you find you never act like the fat kid in the candy shop. Greedy.

     I’d say it’s simple, except for the fact that rarely anything is simple these days and it’s getting even more Riddikulus. (Yes, I did just make that Harry Potter reference. I know *gasp* pop culture! Well, le duh.) Remember when we would stay out late just to count the stars on a warm summer night? Or when everyone had birthday parties where everyone was invited, no exceptions because we genuinely enjoyed everybody’s company–didn’t matter how weird the kid in the back eating glue was because we all did it at some point in time? How about the time before all this technology when we would talk to people face-to-face and actually go out in the world to do something instead of laying in bed staring at a computer screen? Back then when the people in the world mattered.

Simplicity has been taken for granted and I fear that it’ll only be a memory, worn at the edges and stained yellow.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find genuineness. Everyone hides behind a piece of advance plastic to share their  feelings and it’s only a wonder why so many people have died, whatever the cause.  There’s only so much a person can take before they break. Which explains why so many give up on dreams. After all, fairytales don’t exist and those that have the “good” life, deserve it. Right? Their dreams weren’t postponed for, let’s say . . . Eternity.

I guess so many of us are waiting for the opportunity to snatch our dreams that we begin to act like Ted Mosby and jump at every woman we meet hoping she’ll be The One, when really all you’re doing is missing out on what could be right in front of you. Patience is a virtue, but many of us lack this discipline. We get discouraged when it doesn’t work out and often, it’s hard to pick yourself back up from failure when all you wanna do is runaway to some little dark hole in the ground so you can wither away.
So that dud goes to the back burner where it marinates for some time until the aroma entices you to look back at what had been left behind.

You tell yourself, if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, right? Things happen for a reason, whatever the reason you believe. Well, sort of. People tend to forget that things require effort. I mean, that bread isn’t going to butter itself. You can’t just wish to win the lottery, you gotta go out and buy tickets. Not all of them will be winners, but if you wanna win then you gotta play.

The universe will only give you what you have put out and it all takes time too. When things happen instantly for some but not for others, why is that? Perhaps they put forth the effort and the work it took. No? Well, then this will probably be too good to be true for a while.  Because is it really fair for you to get everything you’ve ever wanted–and sure you say you’ll give back or use whatever you’re given wisely–without having lifted a finger (eyebrow maybe, but we all do that and it doesn’t count); while there are those that break their backs and suffer each and every day for years only to go home with nothing except their hopes and dreams they’re still holding on to. The rest just slap a restraining order to keep those dreams away because they didn’t happen immediately and now we want nothing to do with them unless they make themselves happen. We can’t live with failure.

Fair? I think not, but then again for us of those in the strength of a chokehold of a WWE two-time champion title winner, we’re outmatched and see this as fair because we’re thinking that maybe we brought this upon ourselves. Everyone always says that life isn’t fair though.

So point #1: Work for what you want. Work hard, receive much. Work little and you may as well just be a Pilot fish and feed off the leftovers from the shark’s mouth. Don’t give up. I know, easier said than done, but if everything was easy, nothing would be worth having.

     Mentality is another key attribute. As the saying goes, mind over matter. But how does that come into play with the real world? Sure, it’s inspiring when athletes say that they conquered Mt. Vesuvius and pushed past the toddler wails of their body to come out on top because their mind was Batman against a mind reader: an iron fortress backed by Kryptonite and the glorious Bat-defenses, but that really gets us normals nowhere.

I’ve lived with a pessimistic all my life–my brother. Nothing ever seems to go right for him. He can see some silver linings on a cloud ahead of him, but when he gets there it winks and disappears, just flirting like a nymph. He expects it though. In fact, that’s all he seems to expect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for expect the unexpected, but how can he be prepared to handle the good things if he never keeps his eyes open for them? They just fly right by him. And it always seems as if nothing goes right for him, so he keeps the mentality that nothing will ever go right. The “Why bother”.

So be ready for the good and the bad. It’s out there. Many of us have already seen it, many of us are not prepared. You’re only as lucky as you believe you are. Hasn’t anyone noticed that when your days starts out with something going right, that the rest of it just seems to get better? Unless you’re Debby Downer. In that case, Ain’t nobody got time for that. With what is going on in the world today, why waste our time dwelling on the negative? Especially when you can also make someone’s day by just smiling at them or offering a compliment? Spread the love, we’re all stuck here together so why not make the most of it? The more good you spread, the more good you’ll see.

Now, I’m not encouraging this “YOLO” thing. Sure, we only live once (unless you’re reincarnated, yeah? Or you’re a cat . . . in that case, you can read human words?) and we should all definitely take advantage of that, but let’s not be dumb about it. If we’re going to live once, make the most of it by setting an example, being a role model, helping others out, spreading happiness and love, and make an impact for future generations to see. We copy what we see. Do we really want people to see all the destruction and continue it because that’s all we left them with?

Point #2: Not exactly sure where I went with that, but um . . . See and think the good? It’s all about what you want to think and see. You control your thoughts and feelings even if everything feels out of your control. Positive outcomes only!

     Many of you will roll your eyes (you all probably think I’m a raving lunatic at the moment, anyway) when I tell you to appreciate what you have. Yeah, right. I’ll admit, I am a hypocrite, so how can I tell you to appreciate what you have, when I’m not even doing that. Well, fine! I won’t. Simple as that.

BUT, I do appreciate the little stuff. A smile from a stranger on a busy day. You know they could pass you, pretending you’re not even there and that stings. Someone telling me to have a good day. Yes, those mainly come from store employees when I’m out and about, but you know what?! I will have a freakin fantastic good day! Try and stop me!  When you get one of those random really pretty days. The sun is warm and there’s that breeze that isn’t too cold, but refreshes and the grass looks insanely green and the world’s just a bit better. Or petting a puppy. You can’t beat those days when you just randomly get to pet a puppy.

Those little things add up. Like seemingly useless pennies in a coin jar. It only takes a hundred to make a dollar. It may seem like a lot, but you can collect those faster than it takes Goku to defeat any threat to the Earth.