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Skin Hunger


The Strangest Poem to Date

It’s an impulse
that asks for the solo
A desire
who auditions for the lead
I shank Them with control’s shiv
and bolt Them down as a safe

It flashes through my mind—
the whisper of hallucination
Touch-starved and touch-sensitive am I
to pet, to caress, to rake and lay claim
to you, your freckles, and the crinkles of your smile


I want the blind person’s sight


It’s a made-up thrill coursing in me
Vivid words ghosting my senses
Quench these feelings and tranq the excitement

Over and over
It’s maddening
Let me grasp and envelop
holding on past suffocation

Give me contact to sink these Titanics
A lustful Horseman fondles my core




the nailtips under your surface
and swallow the sensations whole
breathe in the chick fuzz of the ears”


I want to drown in body heat
and overwhelm my surface

It evolves to obsession
A chronic disease that should have me hospitalized

Vice-grip me with your legs
Pinch my cheeks with your lashes
Affectionate me in nuzzles
Muss my hair
Drive me wild and cup my shoulder


It’s not just you
It will never be just you
The greed will always want his hair and her face to have your fingers kissing mine
but my lips nosing the girl from across the sidewalk’s neck and me sucking
Eskimo-like to the boy with the crooked eye and languid wave in your bio class


I want to whore myself to your best friend
Who gives life drugs in hugs
And my roommate
Who could smother me in tongues

So lonely am I
So devoid of food
I am a maelstrom at wit’s end
and subzero chaos

Touch me and die