Happiness Nugget: Foodie

Happiness Nugget: Foodie

One of my favorite pastimes is exposing my taste palette to all sorts of adventurous flavors and risking forever spoiling myself for anything “normal”. I am a foodie. For the past two years, I have lived with International Students from Japan and South Korea, my family is Mexican, and I have been introduced to many different kinds of delicacies. I love food. That being said, I won’t touch coconut anything. So one dish I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying is curry since the base for almost all the curry encountered is coconut milk.

Two years ago, I had a job of being a hostess/waitress for a Thai restaurant at home. Four days ago, my brother and younger sister accompanied me back to this restaurant. During my four months of employment at this place, I sampled close to everything on the menu (The best perk to working here was the free meal we got every shift.) and I have to say that my all time favorite dish is Pad Woon Sen.

Pad Woon Sen with pork and Thai Tea

Pad Woon Sen with pork and Thai Tea: Pad Woon Sen is a Thai dish made with crystal bean noodles (more commonly known as glass noodles), brown sauce (a mixture of different sauces like fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce), egg, and vegetables.

I grew up in a bakery, surrounded by pastries and sweet bread and I have many great memories tied to the smell of baking so I would like to think that it’s understandable that food makes me happy. It’s also something I can control. (Of course, that particular thought can be dangerous and has been in the past for me.) With food, there’s so many options to explore and I know that if I don’t like something, there’s an excellent chance that I won’t have to eat it again because I have that choice (well, a good majority of the time).

My abuelos particularly love feeding my siblings and I. When we go over to visit them, more often than not they like to treat us to a meal. Our place of consumption: a family friend’s restaurant and my order: my go-to dish, Pan relleno.

Pan relleno: In English this roughly translates to a dish made with a french bread loaf that’s stuffed with meat and vegetables.


Mar y Tierra: The dish my brother ordered. Mar y Tierra means Sea and Land, which when translated to a dish got you shrimp (Sea) and chicken (Land) with rice, beans, and a side salad.











I’m always game for going out for food. Does anyone need a reason to say that food makes them happy? Food is vital to life, not as important as water (obviously), because your body need sustenance. Yes, the human body can go about three weeks without food, but for me, I feel like I’m constantly eating. I’m not a BIG eater–you won’t see me at mealtime with huge portions, but throughout the day I can guarantee you that I most likely will be munching on a snack of some sort in between meals.









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