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Happiness Nugget: Eye of the Beholder

Happiness Nugget: Eye of the Beholder
The world, I found, has so much to say–so much to share and there are special people gifted with the ability to hear the world and find a way to share that with others. To me, Art is it. It doesn’t matter the place of origin, the language, the culture: Art connects.


My grandpa is a painter and in our house, we had tons of his paintings framed and hung. My aunt used to decorate the cakes at our family’s bakery and her cakes were beautiful. The way she could take someone’s idea and create it perfectly was nothing to scoff at. I remember times when I would want to be a part of the process and learn how to do what she did. Let’s just say I was cute with my attempts. My older sister did art. In that, I mean that she graduated with a degree in Art and before that used to draw and paint; she had a really developing style going. Nowadays she knits. My cousin was in a band a couple of years ago and his sister, she used to dance and attended an Arts school. My little sister is into music. She learned to play the guitar in a year to audition for the music program at our college and got in. How impressive is that?

All my life I have always been surrounded by art–by expression, creativity, by the inner workings of the soul. I was blessed in the fact that I got to experience the world through others. So my ‘Nugget of Happiness’ takes form in the appreciation of art. I’ve come to accept that though I am a HUGE dreamer (understatement of the year), I haven’t found my niche. Which is fine. I don’t have that big of a problem listening to what others are saying with their art while I try to find my own voice.

My favorite place to go (and also conveniently local) is Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. That’s where all the photos in this post are from. Art is universal. That’s why music is appreciated regardless of language. That’s why dance is respected. It’s why people go to restaurants to eat meals. Why paintings and sculptures have passed the test of time. It’s why certain television shows and movies continue to have an impact on society. Everything that is art communicates and resonates deep within people. If it wasn’t vital to our existence, then why would it be so coveted?

When I surround myself with art, be it going to the museum, listening to musicians, or watching a performance (y’all already know how much I love food to not to be able to appreciate culinary greatness), I feel at peace–like a part of me found what it was looking for at the moment and I am filled with this inspiration and sense of action. Art makes me feel like I can art, too. To me, that’s when art has fulfilled its purpose. That’s when I am happy, even for a little bit.